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a·ware [/əˈwe(ə)r/] · adjective


a·ware [/əˈwe(ə)r/] · adjective

1. Acknowledging the existence of something; experiencing life, emotions, and all that is surrounding you

Enjoy the moment and spring to life a little this with playlist, full of all the current tunes that are perfect for studying, traveling or curled up with a warm drink. Includes Wake Owl, The National, The Cave Singers and much more.

20 tracks
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pretty pumped to see you had a new list. always a treat for this follower, also not to be a stickler and i know it does not make a difference but you have ashamed by deer tick labled twice when really the first one is a city and colour cover .. sounds like run river north? haha i hate to be that guy but just a heads up!

I just started using 8tracks again, and I was so happy to see this playlist was the first on my newsfeed. Always love to listening to your mixes. Thank you for sharing.