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counting constellations


Bonfires, cottages, night swimming and, my favourite, star gazing - nothing beats a summer evening like watching the constellations peek through the black blanket of the night sky. Pour yourself a cup of tea or chocolately cocoa, sit outside and enjoy fifteen songs that will soothe your soul as you count constellations or simply enjoy the warm breeze of summer. Includes new Gregory Alan Isakov, Lord Huron, Coldplay and more.

13 tracks
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it is the next best thing as being high on a mix of ecstasy and the powdery stuff from coca leaves. Mellow on top of mellow with the proverbial cherry on top Nice work. You have gained a fan for life

Thanks..this mix helped me through a major part of my academic report writing today ;)
btw, you may like to try a similar chill mix I created recently:

I don't know if you know this, but 'Drive On' and 'Marching Bands of Manhattan' are two of my all time favorite songs. I almost jumped when I heard this song. I was like "oh! this isn't on my itunes! this was her!" I'm honestly so in love with your music taste, but this just made my day. Thank you. Your playlists are perfection.