98 comments on in the wild, in the winter by grahamer

Very nice. I live in a mexican city named Guadalajara. It is called "The city of the eternal spring" (because of the great weather every time of the year) And I dont have the oportunity to enjoy a good cold weather which I love the most. Even though this playlist gets me in the right mood to feel it at least in my mind.
The only enhancement point I identify is that you shoul add a fleet foxes song. Those guys are my favorites! The bottom line is that this is a great playlist for the cold weather/outdoor environment mood.

absolutely love this mix, carried me through my last minute cramming...not too mention a few great naps haha so its an effective playlist for both :p

I do enjoy the mix but what is wrong with that track from the decemberists? without the repeated lyrics it still sounds worse than a rusty forks being dragged across a old warn chalk board... Sorry, a bit harsh, but I'm writing exams right now and I just needed to be brutal to someone...

Honestly, I don't know! Something is wrong with the file. It sounds completely different on my itunes. I thought I uploaded another but perhaps I didn't (crazy with exams myself) - I will right now. Sorry about that!

I have no idea why a different file isn't working so that one has been deleted till I can find a better one. Sorry to interrupt your studying!

Now I can feel like it's winter, because here in Brazil it's summer, and I didn't want it. i'm wishing for winter. Well, thanks ♡

I'm a big fan of the covers, ya hey especially. Lots of bands I've never heard here before and are really good, which doesn't happen often. Kudos.

I had a little gap of time where I was having trouble finding playlists that match my personal taste. I think I may leave this on repeat all winter. Thank you =]