98 comments on in the wild, in the winter by grahamer

I just listened to it, and you're right it does, however it doesn't on iTunes with the same file... I'll try to upload a new version - it's very strange! Thanks for noticing. :)

Studying for finals has not been productive because I didn't have the right music. Other than taking the time to write this post, I'm now being very productive! So thank you!

I could use a cat like you. In the states. Enjoyed and shared my writing thoughts along with it. I enjoy music in all forms. You mesmerized my creative soul to no doubt be inspired today. I have you bookmarked From a fellow artist to another Love..Love..looooooove. ~Hugs Regan Starr

My toes does not only bliss by the covers and acoustics. My whole body has that great shivering feeling! Thanks for sharing this great playlist (and the others of course!:)

So glad the feeling is mutual with someone else! :) Thanks for listening, i'm glad you enjoyed this and others.