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bound to sink; a fanmix

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I love this!!! I wonder if you could say a little bit about why you chose each song, or at least which character you think about with them? Some are obvious to me, but others are less. Great work :D

Sure thing! It's been a little while since I last re-read the series, so my memory's a bit foggy, but I'll try my best! I'm guessing you've read the entire series, but if not, I'm sorry for possible spoilers ahead!

Keep On Running - hmmm, when I was making this fanmix, this song really reminded me of Katsa about mid-book, around the time when she's starting to realize that she isn't a killing machine, and has the option of refusal. It also sort of ties in with the final page or so of Graceling as well, imo.

Moon and Moon - this song is probably (shamelessly) my go-to sad, pining song for Bitterblue and Saf, circa Part 2 of the novel. I still really think that it correlates well with Bitterblue's struggles (both general and Saf-explicit)

Heartlines - to be honest, the reason I put this on the mix is a bit fuzzy, but now that I think about it, this song really works for all the 3 protagonists in general. All of them are characters that are very in-tune with what they need to do and the land around them, whether they start out that way (like Fire and Katsa) or learn it along the way (like Bitterblue) and I think the song really reflects how that instinct and drive that originates in your heart that makes you feel like you're heading down the right path.

Ships Bound to Sink - oooh this song reminds me so much of Katsa! Especially towards the beginning of the book, around the time her and Po first meet.

Human - this song is definitely one of the songs I directly relate to Fire. People not seeing her as a person, but rather a monster or object of desire, or both. Her eventual frustration and overall exhaustion with this image. Her trying to show how much more she is. Good stuff good good stuff.

Overture - this song for some reason reminded me of Bitterblue when she's still younger, or at least, what I'd imagine she's like directly after the death of King Leck. The loss of a father who was disgusting and traumatic, but still her father. It took a toll on her, and with the added stress of suddenly having to not only rule a broken country, but try and mend it, it would have a major impact on her stress and dysphoric levels as a younger child than she already is in Bitterblue. Also I just wanted to put a muse song in this. Not gonna lie.

Heavy in Your Arms - originally I think this song really reminded me of Katsa and Po, but the more I think about it, I think it also really reflects the events in Bitterblue.

How Much More - hmm this song sort of reminded me of the relationship between Fire and Archer at the time I was making this mix. Not that I liked the relationship they had, but more of a reflection on Fire's perspective of him than anything else.

Dark Do Wop - This song was one of the ones that I really wanted to include in the mix, but as soon as I try and explain how well I think it relates, I'm sort of lacking words! I just think it reflects each of the characters and what they're fighting for.

Wow, this is super long, I'm so sorry!