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Set 2 ~ Make Me Realise


Set 1 ~ In The Beginning ||
Set 2 ~ Make Me Realise || Here
Set 3 ~ How Far We've Come || Coming Soon

A playlist set to help you prepare for the final Gravity Fall's episode.

1-2: Our Home
3-7: You're my puppet now
8-10: Original Mystery Twins
11: Jealousy
12-16: You're good friend BIll
15-17: Summers on it's deathbed
18: He won

ART BY: Can't find artist, please let me know if you know who they are!

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18 tracks
2 comments on Set 2 ~ Make Me Realise

I clicked this one first because the artist tags included some of my favorites, but I'm gonna have to listen to the other two mixes in this series. This is amazing! (Also, something about you using 'Bad Blood' made me giggle.) (Also also, once I'm off mobile, I'll try a reverse Google image search to find the art source.)

@Bookworm39 AH! Thank you so much! this means so so much to me! I worked very hard on these playlists, and to know people enjoyed then, I feel butterflys haha. (and I had to use bad blood, it was just to perfect to sum up Bill/Ford's relationship slash The Last Mabelcorn haha) (Thank you so much, I tried but couldn't find it, but if you can please let me know, I feel so bad for not being able to credit the artist!)

@GravityFallsDown I almost wonder if the artist deleted their account or something, because I can't find anything except more 8Tracks mixes (I think it's because they share music?) and what looks like some kind of Russian Facebook, and while there's a link to it when I search with this image, I can't find the image on the site itself? It's weird. If I find it, I'll tell you!