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Hatefull crown

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" The right to use my friends as a weapon,
that is the sinful crown
I shall adorn "

  • βios [ κrOnё Ver. ] (AstroMotion Cover) by Guilty Crown
  • Guilty Crown 04 Ready to Go by Kanae
  • 13 κrOnё by lickysensei
  • 04 Departures ~Anata Ni Okuru Ai No Uta~ Boom Boom Satellites Remix by Takizawa Akira
  • Guilty Crown OST by Αποκσλυψιζ
  • Guilty Crown 04 Ready to Go by Kanae
  • 07 - gE19 by without wings
  • Guilty Crown OST. Ω (Omega) by Madman0217
  • 07 GHQ by Enosent
  • Friends (feat. mpi) by Mikasa Ackerman 5
  • Mysterious by Guilty Crown OST
  • Void Kibou by Ultimatom Nightmare
  • 05 Suspense by Zayaman
  • βios Void K Tasu S Tasu Pad ver. by Kuraino Sousuke
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