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I've fallen deep into this ship so naturally I had to scramble together a fanmix
this was rly rushed tho I might make a better one later

16 tracks
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You picked absolutely perfect songs for the two of them. I died when 7 Things came on because I completely forgot about it and holy hell it's perfect. Also, I always thought Animals was a great song for the two of them, and I've seen other Neon Trees songs in Klance mixes, but not that one yet. Whoops this turned into a rant.

This fits so perfectly! I'll be totally honest: When alphabet Boy started, I got a little shocked, I didn't expect it, but after putting it into perspective, I realize how much is *fits*. (Going to say it now, I'm a *huge* Mel Fan, so ^-^)

WOW OK I LOVE THIS, it's my favorite Klance playlist. These songs are perfect, they all capture Keith and Lance's relationship! There was a lot of energy and catchiness throughout the whole playlist and your amazing song choice made the playlist flow so smoothly, great job, this is so lovely!!