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See You Space Cowboy...


A fanmix that briefly encompasses (some of) my thoughts on Garrus Vakarian. Told through quotes, and quips. If a song is not annotated then it is because I am not smart enough to figure out what I want there yet.

A fanmix for kicks and giggles because Garrus is my favorite badass Turian.

12 tracks
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I just wanted to pop by and tell u I love this mix and every other mix u have made for my favorites bc u did great on them. much kisses

@anon-854315091332323 Thank you so very much! I apologize I never saw this comment until now--but truly, thank you so much, I really enjoy hearing when people like/get something out of my mixes!

I love this mix and always come back to it when I think of Garrus haha. I also really like how you incorporated quotes in the annotation, it shows you put some thoughts on the songs and I like that :)

I apologize it has taken me so long to respond. I have been MIA since college was taking up much of my time. Anyways, (life story aside,) thank you so much! I truly am delighted to hear you love it so much (especially the quotes since I wasn't sure how it might work out). Thank you again, you're awesome for leaving such a lovely, delightful comment. I appreciate it greatly. ♥