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The Witcher Series Vol. I: Aen Seidhe


A fanmix series dedicated to different groups, peoples, and characters of The Witcher.

Volume One: Aen Seidhe | Elves

I decided to keep this fanmix mystical and slightly Celtic in roots; as well as keeping it fairly light in nature, deciding to base my view of the elves in a more broad sense within their mythos in the Witcher series. This is imagined before and after humans came.

9 tracks
1 comment on The Witcher Series Vol. I: Aen Seidhe

I love this to bits. This playlist helped me a lot with writing my novel, plus it's amazing to actually listen to something related to Sapkowski's world, there aren't many playlist around. Thank you!

Ah, wow, thank you so much. I am astounded you like it so much! It really puts a smile on my face (I am seriously delighted someone likes my mix so much). I love Sapkowski's world, so when I have time I hope to deliver more! Thanks again. c: