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The Witcher Series Vol. II: The Witchers


A fanmix series dedicated to different groups, peoples, and characters of The Witcher.

Volume Two: The Witchers

While this is dedicated to the Witchers as a group, this can also, in a way, be seen as a Geralt fanmix as well (for the obvious reasons of he being a Witcher). I tried to keep the theme fairly heavily inspired from the original Witcher, Witcher 2, and the music inspired by the Witcher.

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@LittleMissEmmalie Thank you! Most of these songs I actually had in my own iTunes library and after listening to, and playing the game, I simply found songs that matched that cadence and theme, especially in regards to Geralt's themes. A lot of these are from soundtracks and artists I listen to often. I can always recommend artists and albums if you wish! c:

@LittleMissEmmalie I do as well! I recommend a lot of the bands/composers on this list, Lorne Balfe especially as he has a certain style that always prevails in his compositions. (He does most of the Assassin's Creed albums, as well as is an assistant director in some fantastic albums such as The Bible and Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2; both of these albums he is the lead composer with Hans Zimmer.) Some other albums is Abandon Toy's album "The Witches Garden." You can actually get most of this album free from (well at least they had it at one point, not sure anymore). Another good album is "Harp's Fairytales" by Alizbar, "Welcome Into the Morning" by Ann'Sannat, "Wanderings" by Artesia, the entire album of "Ironclad" and "The Eagle," of which both are featured here in some capacity. I have others if you want them but these are great albums (and they almost all start with 'A' for the band, hahah.)