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B2ST collection <3


a mix included some solo, duets, collaborations

BEAST will be back on 14.06.16 everyone ~~
#GoodLuck #NoMore

  • Wipe the Tears (Lee KiKwang) Feat DooJoon by AJ
  • HyunSeung KiKwang by Let It Snow- My story
  • 댄싱 슈즈 by AJ
  • In the cloud by [Audio] Dongwoon Solo
  • JH ft YS by Thanks To
  • 카페인 (caffeine) by [Full Audio] 양요섭
  • Slow by Jun Hyung Yong
  • another orion by Yoseop Yang (양요섭)
  • Hyunseung's Don't Judge Me by lacordadoro47
  • I Don'T Mind by Js
  • 그 사람을 아껴요 (I Cherish That Person) by BEAST (Yang Yoseob)
  • FLOWER (Official Music Video) by 용준형 (Yong Junhyung)
  • Should I hug Or Not by Doojoon, Kikwang & Junhyung
13 tracks
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