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Songs of Lust and Obsession


Seventeen tracks including music by Billy Idol, Chris Isaak and Depeche Mode.

Yes yes yes. The mastery and the slavery and the pure feeling of losing your head and everything.

14 tracks
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Ooh, thank you for your kind words! It's pleasure to me when someone likes my mixes as much as I do:) I really like your description, too, dear dreamer :)

Tried to re-upload it, but it's the same again :/ and it's a pity, because it's a beautiful song to start the playlist with. Maybe the file I have is damaged, or maybe there are some anti-copy things in it, or maybe it's website's problem, I don't know. If somehow I manage to fix it, I'll post about my success here.

Anyway, I'm really glad that you liked it! Personally, for me every single song in this mix is pure brilliance :)

Somehow it doesn't want to play the first song in the list :/ I tried to fix it, but I'm not sure if it is working now. how is it for you?