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"Another girl I knew used to like this one."

Amazing instrumentals that leave me speechless.
Open up the creative and imaginative part of your mind and realize the deep and detailed story that entails from a song without words.

Artists ranging from Nujabes to Pretty Lights to Blazo.

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18 tracks
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Alright so I'm back at 8tracks and about to post some playlist too and show my gratitude to the website because of all the beauty it has showed my during the past years. But man, your list is my absolute favorite ever. Can't believe I didn't say thanks before. I remember the day man, O how I remember the day. I just discovered 8tracks and was looking for some good good music because my friend was on his way to my house and we were gonna use some XTC for the first time. O MAN how I have seen heaven on earth, how I have felt it, how I have heard it!!! Unfuckingbelievable how perfect of a match that was. So here it is: THANK YOU MAN.