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for my darling taci


"taci,i'm hoping that this will get to you..i'm not lost anymore.i remember when i first realized it.when i realized you take up every corner of my mind and how your touch sends me flying and falling at the same know me like no one else-my secrets,my insecurities,my fears.with you,i'm utterly're my home and there's no way to describe the comfort in my bones when you're in my arms.i know without a doubt that you're my world,my confidant,best friend,lover..soulmate. i am completely in love with you,i don't think i can ever say it enough.i love you,i love you,i love you.
to the one i happily call my one and only,my love.from the boy whose words are lost now in the cold night,you asleep and my thoughts muddled by the love in my heart for you,gong chansik,your channie.

16 tracks
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