Greg Saganite
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Since it's music month here in NZ. I have put together a compilation of some local producers. It's a delicious blend of dubstep / drum n bass / electronica.


  • Divine Love by Kakap❍
  • La Palma by Perverse
  • Wayward Nature by Crushington
  • Medusa by Truth
  • Cry by MedicTune
  • Exhale by Espionage (NZ)
  • Blackplanet, Sacha Vee by Relief
  • Fear of Freedom by OPTIMUS GRYME
  • Reprize by Blackplanet
  • State of Mind & Chris.SU by State Of Mind & Chris.Su
  • Warrin' ( RUBIX REMIX ) by Simon Rubix
  • Alone (Ft. Tasha Baxter) by The Upbeats
  • Summer Time (Tikidub) by Tiki Taane & DUBXL
  • Eclipse Collapse by Kakap❍
  • Loves Shadow (Morrison remix) by Truth
  • We Used To Talk - Original Mix by Medictune
  • Untitled by Sine
  • Cry For Help (Original Mix) by Optimus Gryme
  • Extinction Process (Original Mix) by Organikismness
  • Electric Rainforest by Espionage (NZ)
  • Airy Thing by Crushington
  • "Extract" Quade (Alias Remix) by Dj Alias (NZ)
  • Again I ft. Armanni Reign by The Upbeats
  • By her side (Free Download) by DUBXL
  • Two Steps (feat. Sarah Claman) by Espionage (NZ)
  • Shaman's Breath by Morrison (NZ)
  • Sonic Colonic (Tom Cosm remix) [2010] by Pitch Black
  • Calling You Back by Truth & Dutty Ranks
  • Past Present Future (Pitch Black's Sleep Whisperer Remix) by Tiki
  • Drawn Together by SOULWARE
  • dutty ranks by Dutty Ranks
  • Protect the Grain by Pitch Black (NZ)
  • Smoke Club by kåmåndi ˙
  • Russian bride by pacific heights
34 tracks