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make it big and loud

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I love this mix so much, especially "You'll Be Back"! I'd never even thought about it, it's just so perfect for Riliane.

@JudicialDoll Thank you so much! And yeah, I was surprised I didn't see it on any other Rilliane mixes, but I guess not everyone was going out of their way to find musical songs for each sinner lol. By the way, your Evillious fanmixes are lovely! ^^

@grell444 I love musical theatre, so it's always so fun to see it on mixes that aren't specifically /for/ it. Also I just started your Gallerian mix and Blood In the Water holy crap. I swear you must have a sixth Broadway-sense. :P Anyway, thank you! I really need to revamp a couple of my Evillious mixes (coughkayocough) but I'm glad you enjoyed them.