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I Believe in You


"But when they strike, we light up the world"

1- E to R
2- R to E
3- E to R
4- R to E
5- E to R
6- R to E
7- E to R
8- R to E
9- E to R
10- R to E
11- E to R
12- R to E
13- E to R
14- R to E
15- Both

Art Credit: (one of my favourite fanartists on tumblr

14 tracks
1 comment on I Believe in You

@pieho Hey, I tried to put a couple happy ones in there! But Control is such an "Enjolras breaking under pressure and needing reassurance from Grantaire 'oh-how-the-tables-have-turned'" song. And Don't Wear Me Out was specifically to break hearts. ;) I'm glad you listened tho.