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"One day the magic will come back. All of it.
Everyone will be just like they were.
The shadows will part,
and the skies will open wide.

When he rises,
everyone will see."

Solas POV
the purpose he bares for millennia
now has an army to follow.
the bell cannot be unrung,
as far as the echo can go,
the Dread Wolf will guide who followed
and no more they will be lost.

"'ve found me at last.
I suspect you have questions..."

for the love of god,
let the inquisitor be DA4's protagonist.

cover art
: Fen'Harel (Solas) , Dragon Age 4 (Behind the scenes at BioWare)
: Dragon Age II , Sandal

8 tracks
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came back to change cover art.
Fen'Harel, guide me ! He's so perfect !!! (as ever)

*crying over dragon ages main theme ost. in the background*