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Be Not Afraid


And lead us not to temptation

But deliver us from evil.

Oh Father am I not merciful?

  • 01 A Little Mechanical Waltz by colleenplays
  • Nattöppet by Detektivbyrån
  • Alice of Human Sacrifice ♦Music Box♦ by missbakaartist
  • Agnus Dei by All Angels
  • Entreat Me Not To Leave You Excerpt by Dan Forrest
  • Abigail's Song by Katherine Jenkins
    When you're alone, silence is all you see. |When you're alone, silence is all you'll be |Give me your hand and come to me.
  • Be My Light by Camelot
    And if the world |Should fall to winter |I’ll be your warmth |If you’ll be my light
  • Goodnight Little Robot Child by Princess Chelsea
  • For you (Passenger cover) by iamtoxic
    For you, dear |I'd lose my tongue to talk, dear |No whispers in the dark, dear |For you I would
  • Katrinah Josephina by Universal Hall Pass
    After years upon the surface higher learning taught her well, |That the value of the human soul's a dollar earned in hell. |So one year ago upon this night she dragged me to her hole, |Her waist was roped, "Don't dare let go!" Her voice resounded from below... |Keep singing the praises of angels and sages. |'Cause when the pills wear off-
  • Gravediggress by CocoRosie
    Old scarecrow wounded at the knee |Lost your button eyes |And most of your stuffing |Hay for a heart |And hay for a brain |If your momma was sweeter then you might be sane
  • They (Nudii Extended Mix) by Jem
    Do you see what I see? |Why do we live like this? |Is it because it's true |That ignorance is bliss? |Who are they? |Where are they? |How do they |Know all this? |And I'm sorry, so sorry |I'm sorry it's like this
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