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-you were brought there alone. you went home alone.
you threw up for the rest of the night.-

songs i listened to the night i overdosed/when i was in the ambulance and hospital n stuff.
weird tidbit: actually organized by events on first listen, starting at 3rd planet i was in the ambulance.

19 tracks
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No problem at all! I like to let people know that they're never alone. I don't even know you but I do care. I guess that's also apart of my problem, I care too much. But enough about me I hope you get proper treatment and will be able to look back on this as a new person. There will be up and downs but it can be done. Sorry for the essay but yeah hope your doing a little better.

I hope your doing okay! I'm almost fully recovered from really bad injuries because I tried to commit suicide. My dude it's not worth it and I know I have no right to say this. But stay here with us miserable human beings. Don't leave.

@Starlight234 thank you very much ! yea ahh i overdosed in December :" im lucky none of my organs suffered extremely. i appreciate you saying anything, thank you