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Chillin' Hip-Hop

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tribe has the best fuckin beats, i miss old school rap like that. now, its more electro and pop, i hate that shit.
good tunes fo sho.

haha thank you! I'm gonna go check it out now, and you're right Rhymesayers are the illest.. I need to see atmosphere live before I die and I'll be a happy soul

Definitely diggin it! Check out my "chill hip hop beats" playlist, I think you'd like it, a lot of it you'd probably even recognize. It features some other artists from Atmosphere's label (Rhymesayers ftw)!

why thank ya musicalfruit... I've been bumpin' the underground hip-hop since junior high.. I owe it a lot to my older sisters though they burnt some MF doom and Atmosphere CD's and brought me to a few shows that changed everything, now I'm in love with it. Thanks for the appreciation