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Movement Detroit - DEMF 2013


Detroit - The birthplace of techno. Bringing you some of the best in pulse pounding sound. Featuring some of the biggest names in techno to date. Showcasing tech house titans mixed in with new world house and classic Detroit sound.

Staying true to Detroit's roots - featuring Stacey Pullen, and featuring our home town boy, Richie Hawtin + many more unforgettable names.

This isn't some festival, its a Movement.

12 tracks
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I noticed you removed my previous comment.You might be worried about getting disqualified. Since it's probably an honest mistake you made, I don't think Carl (or 8tracks for that matter) would do so.

Thank you for the kind words about the rest of the mix. Tried to create a mix that would be a little different than the others. Hopefully we've accomplished that. And yes, deleted the comment, but edited the title. Unfortunately my research/download said that the mix was an original. After you pointing that out I did some research and it continues to say the same. But I do trust your judgement and appreciate letting us know. For now we're going to leave it as is (changed it from original to "mix") Unfortunately Richie was home a few nights ago here in town (Windsor). Wish I would of had the time to ask him myself.