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Days With Dad


Songs that remind me of days growing up spent with dad in the 70's. As a child he was my best friend, my protector, my counsellor, the man who knew everything and made people smile and laugh with his wit and friendliness, my hero. Beautiful memories together of my loving father wash over me with these songs as dad lays in hospital battling cancer with grace and gumption.

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Good luck as your father fights his cancer. I wish your family all of the best, and I hope that he can recover.

This is getting me through my dissertation writing while thinking of how proud my Dad would be. Thank you :)

Oh, and I just read of your dad's battlea with cancer! My dad died of cancer. He was graceful and cheerful til the end. All the best to you and your dad, wherever fate put him!

My dad used to play me "you are the sunshine of my life" - and lo, behold! Second song! Excellent list!