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Seven Hours Of Jeremy Jordan


If you actually listen to the whole thing in one sitting then you deserve to rule the world.

A fair mix of concert audios and proper recordings, all performed by Jeremy Jordan (though there are a few ensemble numbers).

Thank you for listening!

Updated (as of 02/02/2015) with every performance he has ever been in.

115 tracks
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I just finished. Thank you for this wonderful list. I got a chance to hear some songs and bit that I hadn't heard before.

Something happened to number 56, "Let Me Be Your Star." It acts like it's playing, but no sound. I thought maybe it was a delay, like silence in the beginning of the recording or something, but it isn't. I don't know if you can fix it, or not, but I thought I would let you know.

I should have started in the morning. I got really sleepy as the night went on. So I only got half way. I'm continuing today.

You're on! I started 31 minutes ago. I'm determined to sit through it all. It won't be hard, besides being night time right now. Thank you for the list.

This is a very important playlist. I'm so glad this man is in the world and you are here to guide us. I don't have time to listen to this today because I need sleep and I have probably already listened to 7 hours of Jeremy Jordan in the last 2 days. But you can bet I'll be listening soon.

i lied. there is always time for more jeremy jordan. who needs sleep? in light of this, i have to mention the downside to this is that I really miss seeing his performances...