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when music was good.


❝ when you walk in a dream,
but you know you're not dreaming ❞

for some reason, this playlist went back to my 'unpublished' list. that's why it was not available for a while. i took off some songs, and then added some new ones. be sure to check out my new playlist of old songs from this time period.

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Idk what the era theme is supposed to be for this playlist because track six was released in 2010. I mean its a nice song it just doesn't really fit.

@dammitren I think the theme is supposed to be 50s/60s swing era music. While "That Man" may not have been made in that time period, you can definitely hear how it was inspired by the music of that era. There's swing-style harmony, brass, and even scatting (the be-bop-sha-dooby-doo random syllables the lead singer goes into).