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Wrath of Khan: Through the Mirror Mix


What if The Wrath of Khan happened in the Mirror Universe? The Empire exiled Khan, a man of peace and great humanitarian leader, on Ceti Alpha V for twenty years. Brilliant but ruthless Carol Marcus discovers Khan during a planetary survey. They team up to bring the Empire to its knees with the power of Genesis. Can Kirk, Spock and the crew of the ISS Enterprise stop them?

A Playlist for the 2015 Mirrorverse Week.

A full chapter listing for the tracks can be found here:

23 tracks
1 comment on Wrath of Khan: Through the Mirror Mix

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EPIC I MIGHT JUST ~CRY~ RIGHT NOW. This is simply perfect. Please tell me someone wrote fanfic based on this mix?

@sadchicken Wow, thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! 8D I'm a huge fan of epic feels. Plus being a huge sap, I lose it every time I listen "Faded Flowers" and imagine that's what Mirror Spock is saying to Mirror Kirk. It is my fondest wish to have someone write a fic to go with this playlist, BUT SINCE THAT MAY NOT HAPPEN, I (maybe) (possibly) (sort of) am writing one right now (kind of). xD

@GuardianofTarts ALL. THE. FEELS. Seriously you killed me. ALSO I'm so happy you're writing the fic ohmygod good luck and have fun writing and I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT