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3 comments on ☆ AKIHABA LOVE ☆

i really love the switching in styles of the songs, i could really tell what what supposed to represent onoda and midou and maybe like both of them combined? it made an interesting like audible narrative of how the equation of their relationship would end up looking like. this was really fun to listen to! (I also totally made a bet that iron man by nico vega would show up on here when i read the lyrics to the second track because it totally held the same theme)

@mephitine oh my ! thank you a bunch!!! and yes, i loved to toy around with possibilities for both their personalities being mirrored in the songs and so on and so forth! i am glad you liked it (and ohhh? i should give it a listen then im so curious now)

i think the transitions are just fine! it gives it a certain kind of feeling, ups and downs, but i guess that's something subjective. nonetheless, great mix! akihaba love instantly got me.

I liked this mix a lot! My only suggestion would be working on better transitions? Like it would go from a really chill song to a really upbeat one and I feel like I was getting whiplash ahaha but other than that A+!! Loved all the songs! (Crystal Castles is the way to my heart tbh)

@lizzymckeen ahhh! thank you a bunch! i intended to make the transitions a little extreme to get the vibe of this ship the way i wanted to, but i also understand your point. uwu ill keep it in mind!