Is this playlist safe for work?

❘ ❙ ❚ BAD WINGS ❚ ❙ ❘

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i was listening to this without expecting much but this is like a "holy shit" playlist. I totally didn't expect the turn of this playlsit and not only can I see how this is totally a mix for Midousuji but the songs are raw as fuck. Like, Most mixes I've found for him focus on lyrics over the theme of how they sound, but this actually SOUNDS like him, if you get me. Daaaaang.

@mephitine oh gosh wow thank you ;o; i get you too what you mean, sometimes i get the feeling people dont even read the lyrics beforehand and just take songs that are "chart music" and its pretty unfitting. i am really, really happy that you appreciate my choice and the thoughts ive put into this playlist ;v; !!!