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☆ Hey, Cool Kid ☆

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agreeing with the others: finally a mix for this ship that isn't overly romantic and sappy, i was getting kinda sick of it. as far as i've heard your mixes, it appears to me that you've got some sense for lovely choice of music for any topic.

this is so good i love it so much. tsukiyama mixes tend to be way too happy-go-lucky lovey-dovey themed music, but these are all fitting and perfect

holy shit yes. Some of the mixes I've heard tend to be a little too romantic for my liking, but this mix is perfect. And I always like it when people put some j-music to japan-based pairings uvu

A+ keep it up

@Fish-wifey ahhh! i agree! i dont like the over-romanticising of that ship because its not my interpretation of them ;v; !! im glad you enjoyed this (and yes j-music is always gr8 in japanese themed series/characters/pairings). i highly appreciate your words of kindness ; o ;