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your love is my poison

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Oh my gosh, how am I only just discovering this playlist now!? It is amazing. Absolutely perfect. Makes me wish there were more Michael/Maria playlists on 8tracks. I'd never thought to add audio clips to a fanmix before but this has inspired me to try it myself.

@vintagepizza aww, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I am trying to put together another playlist for these two because I just adore them so damn much. yeah, the audio clips were fun to add. just wanted to play a little bit and I don't know, this was the result. I'm happy that you decided to try as well! ;)

I just got into Roswell on Netflix (partway thru season 3) and the voice-overs you included made my heart happy! I love all the Michael/Maria moments

@nataliediane I'm so glad you're watching the show! it's so awesome. I'm glad you liked the playlist :) it was really hard to choose the voice-overs. I wanted to use so many! michael&maria are definitely my faves

oh my god, you don't know how happy you just made me with this! :D not only because this is probably the only maria/michael mix on 8tracks, but also because I love the songs SO MUCH, you included such great artists (the kooks! this mando song is wicked! and even alex turner's voice is in this.. omg). And the best thing about this is definitely the voice-overs, you practically killed me with this *-* I recognized so many dialoges (even though I used to watch the show with german dubbing) and feel so much like rewatching the show now... thanks for keeping the roswell spirit alive, whether that's here or on tumblr, honey! you're the best. //looking forward to more roswell playlists//

@heartneedsabeat omg, thank you so much, sweetie! this is so nice of you. I'm really glad you liked the playlist ;) I miss roswell so much and michael&maria were definitely my faves so I just had to make a playlist for them.