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I'll miss you, but go fuck yourself.


That mix feeling of missing that person, hating and loving that person, but slowly realizing you can keep them in your heart but just not in your life because well...they are just fucking assholes, that you miss.

15 tracks
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**will never make it to Twitter**
Okay, will honestly admit that it was the title that lured me here..
But.. huuuuugely-disasppointed-goodbye-to-superficial-titles-*sigh*..
Your mix is really amazing!
Definitely wish I had it when I had my break up*!

This mix is Definitely Going To Make Platinum!!

* personally went for the predictable Goodbye by Scouting for Girls, Don't Hold Your Breath by Nicole S-so-bad-with-surnames, Gonna Get Over You by Sara B-something-French; together with some old-fashioned Heavy Metal, as those guys know how to do it right, right? But yours is much better. Enough mellow, but also boost that backbone shizzle..