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Back to 1920's


HEY GUYS ! This is my school project to pass the semester, and i may need a little help:

*Please comment if you hear any similarities from the slave music and the blues songs,since the slave music is the mother of all the Blues ,Jazz and many other genres.

* I posted some of both genres all mixed up in the playlist so you can feel the differences and similarities

Hope you guys like it !

Thank you very much

Have a nice life

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This playlist is great; it truly reflects the essence of the jazz era. I was able to perceive some similarities between the slave music and the blues songs.

Yeah, with every song I can feel what could be considered slave music. I also want to point out that this is amazing and passionate music that I consider sad for it to originate out of slave music. Anyhow, there is a feeling and roots that are shared between the music.