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Shamrocks & Shannagins


I was told by one of my friends that there is a bit of Irish in all of us. So, I adventured out to see and it was true....... I love this music nothing like it. Join in and sing if you know the words.

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very awesome mobot! If you dont mind me asking, where did you find or who sings the Belle of Belfast on your mix? I love that its an unscripted live singalong - and its done really well. Quintessential Irish. Definitely a cool song to switch things up. Thanks for making this!

Thanks for the love and to answer your question I was in a friends car and he put it on we started to sing along and I did my best. It was that unintentional moment that made me fall in love with this song and the genre. So to answer your question it was discovered on accident just happened to play in a friends car and automatically downloaded. As for who sang it I don't know it was a burn CD and I simply downloaded his entire CD and this is it.

Hey, thanks for the reply! The version begs you to sing along - hard not to love it. Please fill us in if you ever happen to find out who/the backstory.

Hey I found a way to share the music to your email. If you want the song I can give it to you.? Or the entire the mix.

Ah, I listen to the track all the time - just curious who is singing it/the occasion. thanks though! keep the mixes coming!