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The Great Gatsby (OST) + others


If there is one movie I am looking forward to it is The Great Gatsby. I hope it won't disappoint but I know the soundtrack so far didn't.

I blended some additional tracks between the playlist to make it last a bit more then 10 tracks.

With artists such as Gem Club, Stars and Junior Boys. Enjoy!!!

26 tracks
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Hey, great mix! I especially like the 'crazy in swing - prolougue' song at the end of the mix, however I can't find it anywhere else on the net? could you tell me where you found it please? thanks!

Honestly man I have no idea I found it somewhere though. But if you want I can forward you the song through email.

Hey man, just realized you got back to me. That would be great if you could. If you could just forward it her: Thanks man.