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The Ballad of Sam Vimes


A work in progress of the ballad of sam vimes,*
a playlist of history.
(*and co)

A ballad representing the many books and stories of our favourite copper.

25 tracks
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This is really wonderful! If you're looking for some feedback, I don't think that "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" works. It has a nice metaphor for keeping the city running, but it's more industrial than procedural. I also was pleasantly surprised by the usage of the clip from the Night Watch audiobook.

@Subscribersgetmore Hey! I'm glad you liked it. I cant find anything at the moment that better describes the very earliest of the watch books better then blood sweat and tears, but I quite like the song so I'm going to keep it for now while I hunt for something better. I've put it in for book rising steam instead for now, for its industrial taste. Eventually I'll be putting in more audio clips from the books fed throughout with their songs since its going to be a ballad after all, and of course a version without. I'm glad you liked it, and happy listening!

Oh wow, amazing! I really hope you continue to make such amazing playlists such as this! Vimes is really one of my all time favorite characters, and you really hit him on the cue, though every book. How wonderful!