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hello, i've missed you quite terribly.

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This is a beautiful mix. I have to say I'm truly in love with it. Just one thing, I don't think it's very Dave or Jade. It seems a lot more John and Vriska then anyone else in Homestuck. Sweet, sad and very beloved. Very much running with the John/Vriska storyline.

Wow, did it just kill my entire comment? Ugh. I had this whole thing written out on personal preference and how we see characters and headcanons and stuff and it just cut everything out. D:

Hopefully it works this time around. So yes, I can see why you might say it relates to John/Vriska (which I do ship). Maybe I'm just bringing my headcanons too far into it. But isn't that kind of the point, too? I see their relationship as not only happy-go-lucky as so many people portray it, but also as having a more hesitant, almost sad side. It truly depends on how you see the characters; I'm not here to stand up and say "this is how everyone should see Dave/Jade", I'm merely here to provide my insight on their relationship. If people agree with it, yay! If people disagree, that's fine too - it's all personal preference. :)