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Tag, you're it.

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Thanks for sharing this playlist! I saw this playlist when tumblr recommended it to me in my dash under the tomione tag like weeks ago. I'm glad I open it and listen to the songs. I especially love "Tag, you're it by Melanie Martinez." !! And because of your playlist, I was able to make a Tomione MV from the song "Tag, you're it." Although I didn't realize that the song was about sexual assault and child predators until I listen to the song carefully, by the time I did some research about the song and saw the lyrics, I was almost finish creating the MV....ahaha...So I had to edit the entire MV again because the scenes that I added didn't suit the lyrics. Still the song is beautiful! ahaha...Thank you so much for creating this playlist! Once I post my MV, I will mention you because your playlist inspired me to create a a Tomione MV out of it...ahaha...Thank you once again! I hope to listen more of your playlists! Keep up the great work!!!

@hazel-d-106133 Oh wow! You don't know how much this means to me! It's my very first playlist after all. I hope I can watch the MV soon. Thank YOU for your kind words, appreciate it a lot!