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Mass Ersatz OST


Mass Effect spin-off instrumental compilation loaded with extra special Noir-Omega-Outlaw-Hacking-Explosions-y flavor. All are non-ME tracks save one from the Shadow Broker DLC and all are available on SoundCloud.

(UPDATE: I added a second ME track, "The Cerberus Agent," because the characters I based this on defected there. Oops.)

(Cover art by Michal Lisowski @ maykrender.deviantart.com/)

  • The Burden by Titles
  • The Final Strike by Robin Birner
  • 8Dio Hybrid Tools 3: "Ghost Project" by Ran Duan
  • Infiltrate The QG by Twin Scoring Studio
  • 100% Naked by The Forge: Hybrid Forgery
    Interminable underworld club music!
  • A Cerberus Agent | Mass Effect 3 OST by Sam Hulick
  • PHA Indestructible No Choir by Phantom Power LLC
  • 8Dio 2013 Stand Out Contest Submission: EMP by Tom Sharpe
  • 8Dio Hybrid Tools 2 by Imperia
  • Infiltration by Spec Ops
  • Escape Velocity by Max Cameron - Composer
  • PHA Date With Destiny by Phantom Power LLC
  • Gunships Away by Radical_Music
  • Informant by TonyAnderson
  • Blood Red Sunrise by KloneZFX
  • Cyber by Attack
    This is actually "Cyber-attack" by Iain Kelso."
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