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2033 megatokyo


Gotta stay on your toes for those Genom mofos. There's never a dull moment in the life of a Knight Saber.
(Inspired by a fabulous Priss themed playlist by @neonsunray! Be sure to check out their page.)

10 tracks
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@neonsunray I am so so glad you liked it and think the fact that you made a comic inspired by one of the songs I chose is way awesome! I followed your blog btw, I'm emeraudesplash

Crap I didn't get to finish what I was saying. By any chance are you on social media? You seem like a really cool person to know. I'm always looking for more people to talk to

@hackerwoman Ahhh I dunno why I didn't get this earlier! But I'm on Tumblr as intangirble, where I'm currently spamming a lot of BGC stuff.

@Ayulsa I had to do some major Spotify digging to find these jams, but it was totally worth it! Sounds like it was a real hit with you. I'm honored

@hackerwoman They are some sweet jams! And likewise I'm flattered that you think I'm cool! I actually ended up finding "Bladerunner" so fitting for the end of my fanfic that I drew a little comic with the lyrics that's going at the end (though it's super spoilery so I won't link it directly!) And I'm gonna have to give you a shout-out there for making this playlist! Finally listened all the way through and every track is perfect, I just love this. New fave.

Ohhhhh no no no my heart! I had to actually pause this after four songs because it's just too perfect and I literally cannot handle the feels! These songs are so much like the kind of thing Priss and the Replicants would have been performing if they were singing in English (I'm not counting the dub songs meh), I feel like I'm there! ;; And "Regrets" is so perfect for Priss ahhhh... Why hadn't I head if any of these songs before now? Saving the rest of this for later... when I'm over it...

Awww man thanks so much for the shoutout! :D And looking at the artists I know I'm gonna love this! Totally psyched to rock out!