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dames of disaster


Not many people know of this hidden gem of a series. Kei & Yuri are an ass-kicking crime-fighting duo who just happen to be intergalactic bombshells. They're accompanied by a dated vision of the future, complete with a synthed out soundtrack, big hair and shoulder pads, and an intricate plot to boot. Needless to say, this playlist is inspired by it.

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I've now listened to this and I can confidently say it is a thing of beauty. I'm impressed at just how well all of these fit! Sadly my own next playlist won't be period-appropriate, since it's really more just "songs I was writing the fic to", but I doff my hat delightedly to yours being so.

@neonsunray I'm beyond flattered, thank you so much! I made a Dirty Pair playlist beforehand more geared toward lyrics and how they related to events that took place in the series, kind of like how you're describing the mix for your fic (which I'd love to read), but thought it'd be better to stay within the genre/era of mid 80s synthpop/funk since the soundtrack kicks so much ass and I wanted to pay some form of tribute to it. It's one of the main reasons why I love Dirty Pair so much. For real, though. I'm so so glad you checked out my page! It makes me feel like my playlists serve a purpose knowing a like-minded person actually listens to them haha

@hackerwoman Awh I know exactly how you feel though! We retro anime fans are a rare breed anymore! Tbh I don't really watch much new stuff these days but I love the anime of that era - there was a unique cool factor to it, a little grungy and unpolished and underground. But yeah I had your playlist on painting a model kit last night and it was the perfect accompaniment! It's so them. :D Oh and as for the fic, thank you! - I just put up the new mix so you can find the link on there!

Oh my gosh, I saw your like on my playlist and came over to your profile and you have the most amazing-looking playlists! I'm so glad there's someone else out there digging all this 80s/90s anime and fanmixing for it! I really should put the mix/playlist for my recent BGC fic up here too... Anyway, sort of a pre-comment since I haven't heard this yet, but I'll definitely be throwing it on next time I'm out of the house. :D

@neonsunray Dude, you just made my day... I've been living for 80s/90s anime these days. I started watching BGC recently and have been meaning to make a playlist for it as well. Your Priss mix was spot-on, btw. Hope you like this one!! I'm so glad you stopped by to check out my profile ah