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Para bailar, para gozar, con los ritmos latinoamericanos marcados por las raíces africanas de, entre otros, los pianos de Ramón Ropaín, el son jarocho de Chéjere y la voz de Susana Baca.

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Thanks for commenting on my mix ;)
I was not sure where I should answer your question, but I'll do it here... I think my interest in south american music has to do with spanish language. I've only crossed the Atlantic once (to see my cousins in Canada), so I don't know South America, but I go to Spain regularly, it's not far from where I live (south of France). I began listening to flamenco and spanish music as a teenager, then I discovered some cuban and mexican music, and so on... I don't speak spanish that well, though, but I love hearing it.

I almost forgot to comment... I love it, thanks! Ramón Ropaín is a discovery for me... And I'm a big fan of the "Roots of chicha" compilations.