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Characterized by fits of abnormally elevated energy, which result in sharp mood swings between euphoria and rage. As the episodes progress, irritability and rashness become more prominent and can eventuate in frenzied violence. The low periods in-between these attacks can cause feelings of numbness, confusion, depression, and sporadic trains of thought.

Subjects with manic disorder are prone to irritability, hyperactivity, and emotional outbursts. The patient often will feel restless, temperamental, and disillusioned during periods of calm; they may even feel trapped in obsessive thought patterns and become very sluggish and unmotivated until their next spike of activity. These violent changes in mood tend to get more extreme with time, if nothing is done to prevent them.

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@Rinusagitora This definitely isn't a study-playlist. The volume level changes too much, lol. Making the album cover was the most fun, having half of it being his high-point, and the other half where he's staring into the abyss being his flat periods.