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Narcissism: characterized by self-preoccupation, a lack of empathy, and an unconscious deficit of self-esteem. They have a grandiose view of their own talents and worth, but rely on their environment to support that view; they crave admiration and have a huge but fragile ego. Traits common of narcissists are rigidity, selfishness, and cruelty – all are often driven by unconscious feelings of shame and guilt.

Narcissism is oftentimes an unconscious defense of those with low self-esteem. The extreme shows of self-love are meant to disguise self-hatred. Narcissists are prone to treating people badly in small subtle ways, and toxify any sort of personal relationship, fully dependent on self-serving mind games.

(Trashy pop – Sadder slower junk – Hard rock – Alternative.)

27 tracks
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@Rinusagitora Haha, thank you. I know the pop music at the start might turn a lot of people off, but I think the slow descent is a lot more representative of the layers you go through as the lover of a narcissist. I like to imagine Ikkaku meeting Yumichika and having to deal with this outward selfishness, and then Yumichika starts to warn him that he's not that good of a person and that he should stay away, but of course Ikkaku doesn't care, and then Yumichika starts to show his darker more vulnerable side. I dunno', it just worked out that way.