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My Heart is Yours: A Pet Loss Mix

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thank you for this. a year and a half back, my cat we couldn't afford to get spayed accidentily became pregnant and 3 months later gave birth to 4 kittens that all faded after 2 weeks. No one expected it since 2 weeks usually means they'll make it, and we had gotten very attached to them. The last one died in my arms when no one else was home to help me as she cried out. listening to this playlist and reopening these feelings i've buried for over a year helps me cope.

I love this mix, although I keep on crying... Just lost my cat Jonesey who's been with me since I've been born nearly 20 years!! Good old age.

Thank you for this mix. I needed it so much right now. It's late, can't sleep. I just put my dog to rest eternally today and it hurts so much. This playlist help me relax a bit. Grateful.