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Time Capsule - An F!Shiara Fanmix in Three Parts


I really tried to tell the story of Shepard and Liara's story over the course of the three games. I would recommend looking up lyrics to some of these songs as they were major motivators in choice. There are 21 songs. 1-7 represents ME1, 8-14 represents ME2, 15-21 represents ME3. The way this mix plays the first time is the way it was intended to be heard. Wish I could keep it from shuffling after that, but I can't!

Please enjoy these awful Shiara FeelsUH.

Cover art by yours truly! Check out http://lydiahenderson.tumblr.com

Check out this post for full track list and correct order! http://haikumoon.tumblr.com/post/124599650221

20 tracks
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i love this! i think you executed your concept beautifully! Also it's nice to listen to a less angsty shiara mix sometimes. :)