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Martyr Nyebera;; Iwaizumi/Oikawa


hi there my names aina and i did an iwaoi playlist with opm songs im gonna cry and laugh i should be doing our IP sorry group mates

//ugly sobbing

  • Martyr Nyebera by Kamikazee
    "breakfast is shouting, our lunch sulking, the snack is doubting, but I still love you."
  • Dying To Meet You by She's Only Sixteen
    "All the boys are dying to meet them girl. All the girls are dying to meet you."
  • Yeng Constantino Lyric Video by Chinito
    "I hope you'll listen to me and be enlightened, because you caught my attention and feelings."
  • Love Supreme by Miles Experience
    "I don't even know why I fell in love with you. wondering if it's right or even true."
  • Hay Naku by Silent Sanctuary
    Making my feelings cry, you're making me sulk.
  • Messiah by yengconstantino
    "I'll save you if I can but I'm not the messiah"
  • Magic (A Stripped Rendition) by She's Only Sixteen
    "Bound by broken starts The brightest eyes appear as dull and dying stars"
  • Huling Sayaw by viscara
    "Hold my hand before we part ways and let's give it our all."
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