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“Everyone was afraid I’d bust out gang tricks and show true colors. Well, you know what? I did show them. I showed them otherwise. And it was ‘cause of Gabe. He understood me…

He knew how to get people outta bad times. He knew how to push on and work hard through the shit and the mess until things turned alright. He worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known in all my life. That’s what he made me do. That’s how I turned that leaf. He pushed me through it.“

(Inspired by Hang the Fool, chapter 13!)

TRACKLIST: http://asaraanda.tumblr.com/post/149422672785/the-worst-me-jesse-mccree-gabriel-reyes

10 tracks
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I love this mix so much! Probably my favorite Mccree mix, and one of my top two Hang the Fool mixes. I'm glad to see it's back up after a few days off. A heads up though, I think though that the track Runaway got replaced by a song of the same name by Aurora instead of Ed Sheeran's.

@silvertonguedmob Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like this mix! & sorry about it going down, due to some silliness on my part I hit a few buttons I shouldn't have! ;) Thank you so much for telling me about the mixed up song, I will be changing it back now! :)