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1996-2016: a birthday mix


so for my 20th bday, i went through the top 100 charts of every year from 1996 to 2016 (i improvised for what i assumed would be in the top 100 for 2016) and picked my favorite song from that year. or songs that were such a huge part of that year and my childhood and all that. tbh i don't even like some of these songs, they are just staples in my life. there is some unhappy stuff in here and in one of the descriptions there is a mention of some uncomfortable stuff, so just avoid 2015 honestly it was a trainwreck. mostly, my life has been better than i thought it was in that moment, and all the things i went through have made me into who i am today, who i am finally starting to be happy with. happy birthday to me.

21 tracks
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