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True Love Doesn't Always Conquer All


So I've seen all of the episodes of Charmed several times. I used to watch it religiously when it was still airing on tv and own all of the DVDs etc. I'm having my fiance watch it from the beginning with me (his first time) and we're on season four. It's getting a little tough to watch because beginning of season 4 Cole and Phoebe are just on fire, like they seriously are the perfect couple right now and I know everything is about to go to shit and I don't want to spoil it for my fiancé, but at the same time in my head I'm kind of just like WHY did the show do that to them? They were amazing together! Stupid source powers...stupid stubborn Phoebe in season 5 for not giving him another chance...stupid writers for never letting them get back together! Just ugh.

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